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Converting Certificate to use CSP Storage Provider in stead of CNG Storage Provider

By remyblok on donderdag 21 mei 2015 16:41 - Comments are closed
Category: .Net / C#, Views: 29.541

Certificates are used all over the world nowadays. And during development you often need to work with them. Certificates are also used to sign code, i.e. to add a verification to the exe/dll/msi that the file has not been tempered with and is an original from the creator of the software. This is called Authenticode. I have had multiple instances where the certificate that was to be used for Code Signing was a not compatible. This blog explains how to make it compatible.

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Start all Command Prompts as Visual Studio Developer Command prompt

By remyblok on donderdag 23 oktober 2014 17:17 - Comments (6)
Category: .Net / C#, Views: 11.452

When developing you often need to use the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) to do something for which there is no easy UI. Visual Studio and Windows SDKs include many CLI applications. It also includes the Visual Studio Command Prompt. This command prompt calls a script that sets all kinds of environment variables so that the CLI apps can be easily started.

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Caching deferred executed LINQ query

By remyblok on dinsdag 6 maart 2012 22:17 - Comments (5)
Category: .Net / C#, Views: 8.648

When using LINQ extensively you'll eventually encounter the benefits and the cruelties of deferred execution. When not used correctly it can have a serious performance impact. In this blog I will give a method that combines the benefits of deferred execution with the safety of direct execution.

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WPF Combo box with empty item using .Net 4 dynamic objects

By remyblok on donderdag 27 oktober 2011 11:56 - Comments (1)
Category: .Net / C#, Views: 16.981

From the moment I’ve stated to use WPF I have struggled to get a selectable empty item in a combo box. This is not something that WPF supports out of the box. I had sincerely hoped they would fix this in WPF 4.0, but unfortunately they did not. They did give us dynamic object, which makes the task a lot easier that it was in WPF 3.5.

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Win7 Recent Jumplist without associating a filetype

By remyblok on zondag 29 mei 2011 15:23 - Comments are closed
Category: .Net / C#, Views: 8.287

I was trying to add Windows 7 Jumplists to an .Net 3.5 application. I wanted to add a list of recent opened files. When using .Net 4.0 there is native Framework support in System.Windows.Shell

When interacting with Windows 7 features I always use the Windows Api Code Pack. It's a library containing all kinds of functionality that is not a part of the .Net framework, but can be reached through the Win32 api. Jumplist support is one of these features.

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