Win7 Recent Jumplist without associating a filetype

By remyblok on zondag 29 mei 2011 15:23 - Comments are closed
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I was trying to add Windows 7 Jumplists to an .Net 3.5 application. I wanted to add a list of recent opened files. When using .Net 4.0 there is native Framework support in System.Windows.Shell

When interacting with Windows 7 features I always use the Windows Api Code Pack. It's a library containing all kinds of functionality that is not a part of the .Net framework, but can be reached through the Win32 api. Jumplist support is one of these features.

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By remyblok on zondag 29 mei 2011 14:32 - Comments are closed
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HI! I'm Remy Blok. Lets start with a little introduction, just copied from my page.

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