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HI! I'm Remy Blok. Lets start with a little introduction, just copied from my page.

For years now I'm a developer in all kinds of languages. Through Batch-scripts, Basic, HTML + Javascript and Java, I finally settled with C#. I have a certain aptidute for Windows Applications, after I've spend too much time debugging Webpages. Luckily this is something my employer can provide, as I'm working on a Global (20.000 users) business application.

The job requires keeping up to date with the day-to-day advances in the Development industry, which I do happily. On the sideline, I like to keep track of the Hardware advances as well.

A great deal of time is spend on keeping up with my favorite TV series or watching movies. I especially enjoy the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre. It's best when they meet of course, like Star Wars or Farscape.

As development is my main profession I’ll try to write interesting post about .Net stuff, C#, Visual Studio, and the kind. But on occasion I might write a blog about something else, who knows? I'll write the blogs in English, as this is the main language when development topics are concerned. Feel free to comment on my English writing, it’s far from perfect and I like to learn.

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